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  • Sky Diving
  • Sky Diving Aircraft
  • Sky Diving Landing
  • Sky Diving Training
  • Sky Diving
  • Sky Diving School
Places: Madhya Pradesh
Activities: Extreme Sports
Dates: Fixed
Difficulty: Moderate

Trip Overview

The Indian Skydiving Festival is the most awaited, first of its kind Adventure Festival ever planned in India. Adventure lovers from all over the country will experience a One Stop Destination for hard-core Adrenaline pumping activities. There would be American pop tents in the Camp site where Adventurers can take a break, lie down, bask in the sun, sip on an energy drink and enjoy the entire feel of camping outside.

Some trotters who wish to explore the lovely countryside and terrain of Dhana can take some time off and try some horse riding into the villages and farmlands. People would love to get a Beach Volleyball experience at the Camp site and that’s something they will get.

There would be Entertainment, Music, Dance, Bar-B-Que counters, Live Kitchen Kiosks cooking some delicious cuisines. Evenings would be equally exciting with Folk dances, local musical performances, Camp fire, and much more. Before checking out from the camp, all guests should visit the Souvenir shop. All the memories, exclusively framed photographs of the guests, Tee shirts, Adventure Souvenirs, etc., would be up for sale there.

About AFF

Accelerated Free Fall (1 Static Line Jump mandatory before you undertake the Solo A.F.F.) - Accelerated Free Fall (AFF), also known as Progressive Free Fall is termed "Accelerated" because the progression is the fastest way to experience Free Fall (around 30 seconds), from 10,000 feet Above Ground Level (AGL). In our AFF programs, TWO instructors jump with the participant during their first 3 AFF jumps, although some programs may use only One. In the initial levels, the instructors hold on to the participant until the participant deploys their own parachute. The AFF instructors have physical connection with the participant till the extent of their grip on him. So once the parachute is deployed, the instructors fly away and deploy their own parachutes.

1 Dhana

Morning reporting 0800 am. Ground training, equipment familiarization, exit procedures with the aircraft.

2 Dhana

Static line jump.

3 Dhana

5 AFF jumps. (Those who are finished can leave)

4 Dhana

5 AFF Jumps.

  • Minimum age: 18 years & Maximum age: We do not have any such specified upper limit for age as long as the person is medically fit to undertake the sport.
  • Minimum weight: 40 kgs & Maximum weight: 95 kgs.

  • Fitness Requirements: There isn’t any such specific fitness requirement to Sky dive. But it is of key importance to ensure that all participants bring along a Medical certificate duly signed by a Medical General practitioner allowing them to Sky dive. However the sport is not recommended for Heart patients, Spine related issues and pregnant ladies.
  • Lodging: We charge Rs. 2600/- for the 2 nights/ 3 days Stay (twin sharing) and local hotel to airbase transfers package. This is for people who are done by Saturday and check out the same day. In case of extension to a 3 nights/ 4 days package, extra charges of Rs.750-Rs.1000/- per person will be applicable on actuals. Check out then will be on Sunday.